Become a Champion

Your chance to Champion the cause and earn a return.

You now have the opportunity to support a new generation of Australian entrepreneurs, helping commercialise their innovative, high-potential small businesses. Our world-first co-operative model uses your contributions to do just that— giving us all the power to bring the boom.

THINC is not about wealthy investors and managed funds. It adapts Australia’s national and state co-operative laws to enable any Australian to share in the success of small, privately owned Australian businesses with proven potential for growth — in fact, it is the only legal way for small businesses to access capital from ordinary ‘anyone investors’ without impractical restrictions or costly regulatory compliance.

Now, all types of investors can enjoy dividends and capital gains far greater than publicly listed stocks make possible.

The Innovation Co-op (THINC) is based on a core purpose of fostering growth and innovation for small businesses to create a better Australia.

The Innovation Co-op aims to return more than five times our Members’ investment over a minimum five-year term and harness this unique model for the betterment of Australia.

Helping you invest for social impact.

We all like to think of Australia as an innovative, egalitarian and democratic nation. The truth is, the control of mutual wealth has become the domain of a few — mainly those who govern our enormous superannuation and investment funds. Thinc is reviving the co-op movement to benefit us all and support small businesses with social values — the only legal way to do this through crowd-sourced funding in our country.

How do I do it?


Become a member

Sign up in three easy steps.
When you sign up, you’ll beasked if
you want to invest (you have
the choice to become a
non-investing co-op member).


Purchase CCUs

You Purchase Capital Contribution
Units for $500 each. Buy one, or as

many as you like — just once or
incrementally over a 5-year term.


Watch CCUs grow

As we grow our Pioneer
businesses, we accept more equity
from them in return for our expert
services. This means your CCUs
also grow in value.


Avoid risk

Your contribution is spread
over multiple, high-potential-return
businesses, ensuring diversification
of risk across a portfolio.


Receive dividends and a payout

Dividends on Pioneers’ growth
is paid annually. After the five-year
term ends, equity will be realised
as exit proceeds and paid out.


Get involved

Vote and take part in
Dolphin Tanks for ideas, market
research and loyalty programs for
Pioneer’s products and services.