How it Works

Everybody’s opportunity to invest in something big. Australia.

Make a difference and make a profit with a purpose.

The Innovation Co-op (THINC) is the big idea that allows all Australians to benefit from the innovation boom directly through investment and participation. A ‘lightbulb moment’ for its creators and founders — our Custodians — they realised laws governing the co-operatives that have historically helped make Australia great could be applied to crowd funding and used to benefit innovative small businesses for commercial growth and shared success.

This world-first co-op model gives every Australian the opportunity to invest in the innovation that will propel our country forward. THINC using (co-operatives) to give everyone access to investment in small business growth.

The Innovation Co-op allows anyone to have a stake, with Capital Contribution Units available at $500 a piece. When you take up Membership and invest, you become one of our Champions, with contributions pooled and used to commercialise up-and-coming businesses — our Pioneers.

Pioneers trade equity with the Co-op in return for growth strategy and development by expert resources to help their business scale, return dividends and, ultimately, share the proceeds with all our Members.

It’s an investment revolution that will ignite the new innovation boom and enable widespread growth for small business — the backbone of our country, responsible for 94% of Australia’s employment.