An alternative to venture capital funding for your business.

The Innovation Co-operative (THINC) is an Australian world first that can provide an injection of funds to help innovate and grow your business through a crowd-funded co-operative.

Our shared-services delivery platform also benefits your company through the provision of expert human and technology resources.

Now, you won’t have to look overseas for financial support. What’s more, you’ll contribute to a culture of small business success that will revitalise our economy and make life better for all Australians.

Shared economy. Shared Success.

You never pay any money and you always maintain control of your company, while we provide the capital and expertise to make it grow, on average, to a projected ten times your current state.

We simply ask that you allow us the opportunity to share in your success.

How do I do it?

Evaluation + Offer

If we choose to work together, you pay for our services via equity and dividends derived from your business growth. The Management Team has a 10% flat equity fee for strategy development and execution, contributing diverse, best-practice skills and experience to a shared-services delivery platform.

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Agreement + Contracts

Once we agree you have a real innovation to be commercialised, we perform due diligence under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to establish a ‘current state’ or value of your business. Then we move to the Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) stage to identify areas of potential uplift —for example Operations, Marketing, Technology or Distribution. A contract is signed giving THINC an initial 10% equity stake and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) growth targets are put in place.

Equity Growth

We invest $500k to $1 million, on average, with the ability to increase our equity involvement by achieving growth targets — which will never exceed 50%. Unlike venture capitalists or angel investors, we never want control. You can buy back your equity for current-value market price at any stage, or at the end of the agreed-services contract period.If you started at a value of $1 million dollars with a 90% share, for instance, you may end up with a 50% share of $8 million.

Collaboration + Return

This is all funded by the crowd. You are never asked to outlay cash. Your business growth will generate annual dividends for Members and, at the time of exit, our equity in your vehicle will be sold privately or publicly. If you do not wish to proceed after execution of the MOU and development of the growth strategy, you owe us a flat fee of $25,000 and the strategy is yours.

All Co-operative Members, including the Custodians,
are rewarded only for your success.

My Business has Pioneer potential.

Please send us your details and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can complete an application form.