My Business has what it takes to be a Pioneer.

Please answer each question in 300 words or less.

1. Problem

a) What is the problem you have identified in your industry that requires a solution?

b) What detrimental effect is this problem having on your industry?

2. Solution

a) What solution have you developed to address this industry problem?

b) What positive effect will this solution have on your industry?

3. Product

a) Please define your product or service.

b) At what stage of development is your product or service?

c) Has your product been tested and is it operational?

d) Please outline the history of your product or service.

4. Market

a) Please define your market by referencing industry segments, demographics and percentage penetration.

b) Please demontrate the demand for your product or service, whether determined via research or trial.

c) If trading, what are your sales statistics over the past 12 months?

5. Competition

a) What registered or unregistered intellectual property rights do you have to protect your invention/innovation?

b) Who are your competitors?

6. Experience

a) How many years of experience do you and your founding team have in the industry?

b) What is/are your experience/credentials in this industry?